Monday, January 31, 2011

BBT Charting

Well while doing all sorts of research today, I decided that I am going to start charting my basal body temperature, in order to see when I may be ovulating. I feel it can't hurt to start this while trying to find ways to come up with the funding to proceed with infertility treatments.

For those of you interested in also starting to chart you bbt, this website has excellent instructions on how to go about it!  And I only paid $10.00 for my basal body thermometer at Target!   There is also a printable chart on this website.  Let's hope this goes well! :)

The more research..

I am finding the more research I do, the more ignorance I find to go with it all. People who think its unnecessary and shouldn't be messed with and so many things and they have so many rude things to say about it.  I say they need to educate themselves on the issues at hand, before they go posting rude opinions such as they do.  Until you've gone through it, you can not understand it.

My Story & My First Blog...

Well let's see, I've never done a blog before, however I have written in a journal, so I think I should be able to handle this. I will start off by telling my story. 

I am 30 years old now, I found out that I have tubal infertility at 20.  Very devestated, unsure, hurt, I had no idea what to do or where to go with this, in fact I kept it from most of my family and friends until just recently, I've actually started to tell people, of course not everyone, but some.  During this, my husband had an affair, resulting in the birth of a child, who is now 11 years old. This has made my battle with infertility even harder. The one person I thought I could trust in knowing this and understand and be there for me, now does not and has betrayed my trust. Not only did he have an affair he also told this person of my unfortunate situation, this just completely crushed me.  Now I feel that I am fighting this alone.  I don't have a license, never have, closest R.E. is 2 hours from me, I can't even get him to take off work in order to take me to these very important and much needed appointments.  I'm not rich, not even close, I am currently unemployed, for the last 5 months now, and looking for gainful employment.  So therefore, I have no insurance at all right now.  I cry alot, which I know doesn't help, but it hurts so much and I can't really talk about this, because then I cry, and no one really seems to get it.  And I don't like hearing " I know how you feel" from people with 5 kids, who really don't know how I feel. I know they mean well, but please think before you say things like that to someone in a situation such as mine. 

So right now I am trying to do alot more research on things out there. I'm searching for grants and scholoarships for infertility, I am trying to find ideas on how to earn money for infertility, buy selling a craft or things of that nature.  I will try and post all that I find, however if any of you out here in the internet world, have any information on any of this that you feel may help, PLEASE PLEASE share...

Wishing all of you success in becoming parents to happy healthy children...