Sunday, May 8, 2011


Such a long, sad lonely day! Today while envying all those who have been blessed with babies, i also couuldnt help but think im p30 yrs. old, maybe i should accept that im never going to have babies. Thinking like that rreally hurtts, but that couldd very well be the reality oof it all for me. Itss prettty scary tto think about, im already manic depressive and i sometimes have these spells where i will lie in bed for daays and cry. I dont know where to turn any more, hoping that RSI doesnt disqualify me because of the tubal blockage, thatt could really help me ou in the long run.. So hopefully ill get some good news this week, fingeers crossed :) Oh! Happy Mothers Day to all you waiting paatiently to be Moms!! We count to!

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