Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So I Find Myself In Tears Again..

Here i am crying again..theres so much that i deal with on my own, not by choice but no one else bothers so its just me in this battle. So with all that i already deal with, i come tind that my dh is friends with his ex (mayve even ex's i just stopped looking after seeing the first) on facebook of courae. Needless to say im even more upset now, and his andwer to me when i asked him "why would you be friends with youur ex on fb", was oh you need to see a shrink its nothing.. at this point im just trying tto find the strength to pack up and leave. I dont need this crap, always being told im wrong, im crazy everything i doo is wrong...ive got enough to deal with i dont need this kind of stttuff on top of eveerything else...

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