Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bedtime is the worse part 2

But that quiz gave me hope again, even though just briefly... I don't know where to turn any more..at this point i cant even turn to my husband because he doesnt get it, not really.. So here i am, lying awake in bed thinking about all these things and crying..one would think my tear ducts would be dried up by now.. Well hope you all are having a better night then i am


  1. I just became a "follower" so i will have to read back a bit more to get your history, but is DH at home with you? or work away? It is best to keep your mind busy at all times, easier said than done i know... but chin up, head up and think positive :D

  2. Marly, my husband works an hour away from home, so I'm home during the day all alone. I try to keep myself busy, but sometimes it just takes over and I'm left to think that I will never get to experience this JOY.