Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little hope, little excitement!

Well today I put my first earnings in the "for a baby" jar!!! So now i'm so very pleased and it's giving me a little hope again, because its there, it's a jar, and it has money in it! Thats a start right? And by the end of the month it should have a few more dollars in it! So thats even more exciting!  I must post a picture of it.. just for my own motivation. So here's an idea guys and gals, it may take you a little longer, but take some craft or hobby you are good at and sell sell sell! Get yourself a jar or piggy bank and put 1/2 your earnings in that jar to use towards your  "Have A Baby" fund! :)

I spent my day thawing out the kitchen sink pipes, baking a cake for a friend, babysitting, cooking dinner, doing laundry, updating my websites and planner. So I am now exhausted and going to relax, hopefully.  Enjoy your evening everyone!