Monday, March 14, 2011

Another depressing day..

Well I am still depressed today, not crying because I must associate with others today and I try to keep my emotions away, so as not to look or feel so vulnerable around others, or have them poking and prodding me about what's wrong.. I'm sure you all know how that goes. I am checking into , they are located in Wyomissing,PA. So thats a little closer to me, yeah have I mentioned there are no dr.s or R.E.'s in my area? Yep, makes the situation that much more difficult! Especially since I don't have a drivers license, which is simply my own fault, but none the less an issue to add to the issue! I was also looking at this site which seems to have there own financing and quite a few locations!  Haven't done much research on either however I did find them this morning and thought I would share with everyone! :)  Hoping you all are having a wonderful day! Good luck in your journey to parenthood!

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