Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not A Good Night

Well lately my husband has been (and excuse my language) a complete asshole! Telling me about all things I dont do or cant do and telling me the things I do do are wrong.. I keep telling myself and in fact I told him tonight, some day I am going to use the brain that god gave me and I am going to pack my things and walk. I dont get the support I need from him in anything important to me, like trying to have a baby, he knows there are NO doctors close to where we live, cosest is about 2-2 1/2 hours away, he also knows I dont have a drivers license, and yet he says "so make an appt and see if someone can take you to them"... Are serious?!?! Is this "someone" going to father my child to since they will be there and you're not??? I am so hurt and fed up and I want to just leave no matter how much it hurts me..but i can't..well its not that I cant either..but I wont. I dont know why I allow myself to be treated this way..and I shouldnt have to feel this way..especially not when it comes to ones husband..

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