Friday, March 18, 2011

More thinking.. Like thats something new..

ok so being that all this ivf stuff is so extremely expensive and i am not rich..far from it actually. So this rsi has an egg donor program and if you qualify and meet all the requirements you could be compensated up to $5000.00 to donate eggs.. So i started looking into it, requested more info and all that goes with it, really considering it all..well as i glance over the 1000 page (little sarcasm for ya) pre-qualification application, one of the questions is "how do you think you would feel not knowing if a child was conceived using your eggs?" i immediately repeat that to my husband and the first thing that comes to mind is "someone else could have my babies before i ever do." now im sure thats not how i should answer that question on the app. But that was my immediate answer..which is now making me re-think all of this..this is such a stressful, heartbreaking situation and im so afraid that ill make the wrong decision.. And even more so im afraid that i may never get to have my baby(s).. And some day

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